Predicitve analytic tools for the agri-food industry


AgriLogicAI is a Next Canada and DMZ sandbox venture developing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for agriculture seed companies. Our expert decision systems integrate soil, weather and genomic analysis to predict farm level yields of soy, corn, and canola variants. Our products aim to accelerate seed development pipelines, save development costs, and devlopement of higher yielding crop varieties.





NextAI Program


Accepted into the NextAI 2018



Grant Proposal

AI Decision Systems for Canadian Farmers


BioMass Canada


Conference Paper


Ensemble of Cubist models for soy yield prediction using soil features and remote sensing variables. KDD 2017. Halifax, NS






Founding Team


Dr. Tzvi Aviv, Toronto, Canada


AgriLogicAI was founded by Dr. Tzvi Aviv, an entrepreneurial scientist and innovation consultant from Toronto. Dr. Aviv won several awards for his work with life-science companies, including awards from agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. He gained his data analytics and project management skills at the Hospital for Sick Children and his PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. An MBA at Ryerson University with a focus in the Management of Innovation and Technology is complementing his skillset with business intelligence, business strategy, and presentation experiences.



The analytic and communication abilities gained through medical research and discovery, combined with presentation and business analytic skills acquired during my recent MBA, will be at your service. I am equipped with an analytical mind, strategic thinking abilities, an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ spirit, and the capability to build relations with multiple stakeholders.


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