About Me

I bridge life sciences, data analytics, geospatial coding, machine learning, and business knowledge to improve processes and bring innovative products to market. I have won several awards for my consulting work in product development and innovation. I gained my data analytics and leadership skills at the Hospital for Sick Children and in the University of Toronto. An MBA from Ryerson University in the Management of Innovation and Technology complements my skillset with business intelligence and presentation experience.  Here is a short interview with me, published by IdeaConnection.     


Analytical Skills:

●Using statistical and graphical tools to interpret large datasets using Excel, R and SPSS

●Experience with literature and policy analysis, including interpretation of clinical and financial data

Leading and Communicating:

●Attentive listener

●Excellent ability to communicate complex ideas using oral and written media

●Influential presenter of insights and findings

Project Management Skills:

●Identify key issues, set priorities and allocate resources

●Multitask and meet tight timelines

●Strong team player with experience in leading cross functional teams


My analytic and presentation skills were acknowledged with these awards:

Syngenta AI Challenge 2017

Predictive analytics geospatial model of crop yields using satellite and soil data

Syngenta AG – 2017

My team designed a process improvement protocol for seed production in greenhouses.

IdeaConnection - 2017

My team was awarded a prize for our solution of the open innovation challenge "Novel Antimicrobial Technology Needed for Liquid Antacid."

Syngenta - 2016

My team was awarded a prize for our solution of the open innovation challenge "High-Throughput, High-Purity Cytoplasmic DNA Isolation from Mature Seeds."

Rotman Business School – 2014

Healthcare Strategy Case Competition - received second place prize with my team of four MBA colleagues. We presented a business solution for a non-invasive surgery using ultrasound technology. 

Ryerson University - MBA Scholarship -2014

The Ted Rogers Graduate Entrance MBA Scholarship

enabled me to devote my full time and energy to the MBA program at Ryerson.

International Society of Stem Cell Research -2013

Recognizing my work on drug development using cancer stem cells of medulloblastoma brain tumours.

Canadian Stem Cell Network -   2012

Presentation and travel award

International Society of Stem Cell Research -2011

Presentation and travel award

National Cancer Institute of Canada - 2007

Post doctorate research fellowship award

2014 - 2015

Ted Rogers school of management

Masters of Business Administration

My degree is focused on the management of technology and innovation, primarily in the digital and healthcare spheres.

2000 - 2006

University of Toronto

PhD in Molecular Genetics

I solved the crystal and NMR structures of an RNA in complex with a SAM protein domain to uncover the molecular mechanism of RNA recognition by Smaug and Vts1 proteins.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem


My high grades enabled me to participate in the Etgar (challenge) program, I focused on neuroscience, including electrophysiology of the neuromuscular junction.

1996 - 1999

                             Selected Publications

Dolma S. et al., (2016)  Inhibition of Dopamine Receptor D4 Impedes Autophagic Flux, Proliferation, and Survival of Glioblastoma Stem Cells. Cancer Cell. 29(6):859-73

Vanner RJ., et al. (2014) Quiescent Sox2+ Cells Drive Hierarchical Growth and Relapse in Sonic Hedgehog Subgroup Medulloblastoma. Cancer Cell, 26(1), 33-47.

Northcott, PA., et al. (2012) Structural variation across 1,000 medulloblastoma genomes. Nature. 488(7409):49-56

Aviv, T., Lin, Z., Ben-Ari, G., Smibert, C.A., and Sicheri, F. (2006). Sequence specific recognition of RNA hairpins by the SAM domain of Vts1p. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. 13:168-176

Aviv, T., Amborski, A.N., Zhao, X.S., Kwan, J.J., Johnson, P.E., Sicheri, F., and Donaldson, L.W. (2006). The NMR and X-ray structures of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vts1 SAM domain define a surface for the recognition of RNA hairpins. Journal of Molecular Biology. 356:274-9

Aviv, T., Lin, Z., Lau, S., Rendl, L.M., Sicheri, F., Smibert, C.A. (2003). The RNA- binding SAM domain of Smaug defines a new family of post-transcriptional regulators. Nature Structural Biology. 8:614-621


I am an entrepreneurial data scientist and problem solver. I won several awards for my work with life-science companies, including agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. I worked on drug development projects at the Hospital for Sick Children as a post-doc after receiving a PhD in Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. An MBA at Ryerson University with a focus in the Management of Innovation and Technology compliments my skills with business intelligence, business strategy, and presentation experiences.

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